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Jixy 8 semaines  - Shiba Quebec

Shiba Quebec is a Shiba Inu breeder near Quebec City. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and all of our dogs are registered and purebred.

We take great care in choosing high quality dogs for our breeding. We started our Shiba Inu breeding with the support of our mentor, a Shiba Inu breeder with over 25 years of experience in Western Canada. All the parents of our breeders had the OFA certifications after having tested the eyes, hips and patella. Of course, all of our breeders must obtain the same certifications when they have reached the necessary age.

As our family is made up of 7 members and we have several Siberian cats at home and 2 Samoyed dogs, our puppies are very well socialized with humans, our cats and other dog breeds.

We breed Shiba Inu using a Foster Family Program rather than kennel breeding. This program allows the dog to start his life with his foster family and remain happy there throughout it without having to change families upon retirement as a breeder. It also allows the family to obtain a Shiba Inu dog without paying the acquisition cost. For us as a breeder, this ensures that our dogs live life to the fullest with a loving family. We decided to put this program in place for the well-being of our dogs that we adore. We carefully select our foster families as well as the people who want to adopt from us.

The Shiba Inu is a breed of dog that was a dream for years and now it has come true. From that moment on, we decided to expand our family and share this superb dog breed with other people like you.

Jiy 8 semaines  - Shiba Quebec

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